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Computational Single-Electronics


  • Author: Wasshuber, Christoph
  • Published: 2001, 278 pages, 131 figures
  • ISBN: 978-3-7091-7256-8 (Hardcover) 978-3-7091-6257-6 (eBook)
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  • Abstract:
    Computational Microelectronics ISSN 0179-0307 This book brings together for the first time a review of the theory behind single-electronics, a state of the art description of simulation methods for single-electron devices and circuits, and a comprehensive discussion of a wide selection of applications ranging from logic and memory to metrology. The author shares his almost a decade long experience in single-electronics. Attention is given to open challenges such as the random background charge problem, where old and new ideas are presented to overcome it. Many simulation methods described in this book are not particular to single-electronics. The efficient calculation of capacitances, tunnel rates, and bound energy states have applications in many other fields. This book is written with the practical side in mind. Simulation methods are described in a manner which makes their implementation straight forward.