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Modelling of Interface Carrier Transport for Device Simulation


  • Author: Schroeder, Dietmar
  • Published: 1994, 221 pages, 69 figures
  • ISBN: 978-3-7091-7368-8 (Hardcover), 978-3-7091-6644-4 (eBook)
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  • Abstract:
    Computational Microelectronics ISSN 0179-0307 This book contains a comprehensive review of the physics, modeling and simulation of electron transport at interfaces in semiconductor devices. Particular emphasis is put on the consistent derivation of interface or boundary conditions for semiconductor device simulation. The book combines a review of existing interface charge transport models with original developments. A unified representation of charge transport at semiconductor interfaces are derived, classified within the unique modeling framework, and discussed in the context of device simulation. Discretization methods for numerical solution techniques are presentecd. This title should be of interest to a wide range of electronic engineering activities, as process design, process characterization, research in microelectronics or device simulator development. It should also be useful for students and lecturers in courses of electronic engineering, and should supplement libraries of technically-orientated solid-state physicists.