Book Information

Noise in Nanoscale Semiconductor Devices


  • Editor: Grasser, Tibor
  • Published: 2020, 735 pages

This book summarizes the state-of-the-art, regarding noise in nanometer semiconductor devices. Readers will benefit from this leading-edge research, aimed at increasing reliability based on physical microscopic models. Authors discuss the most recent developments in the understanding of point defects, e.g. via ab initio calculations or intricate measurements, which have paved the way to more physics-based noise models which are applicable to a wider range of materials and features, e.g. III-V materials, 2D materials, and multi-state defects.

  • Describes the state-of-the-art, regarding noise in nanometer semiconductor devices;
  • Enables readers to design more reliable semiconductor devices;
  • Offers the most up-to-date information on point defects, based on physical microscopic models.

 Table of Contents:

  • Origins of 1/f Noise in Electronic Materials and Devices: A Historical Perspective
  • Noise and Fluctuations in Fully Depleted Silicon-on-Insulator MOSFETs
  • Noise in Resistive Random Access Memory Devices
  • Systematic Characterization of Random Telegraph Noise and Its Dependence with Magnetic Fields in MOSFET Devices
  • Principles and Applications of Ig-RTN in Nano-scaled MOSFET
  • Random Telegraph Noise in Flash Memories
  • Advanced Electrical Characterization of Single Oxide Defects Utilizing Noise Signals
  • Measurement and Simulation Methods for Assessing SRAM Reliability Against
  • Random Telegraph Noise Random Telegraph Noise Under Switching Operation
  • Low-Frequency Noise in III–V, Ge, and 2D Transistors
  • Detection and Characterization of Single Defects in MOSFETs
  • Random Telegraph Noise Nano-spectroscopy in High-κ Dielectrics Using Scanning Probe Microscopy Techniques
  • RTN and Its Intrinsic Interaction with Statistical Variability Sources in
  • Advanced Nano-Scale Devices: A Simulation Study Advanced Characterization and Analysis of Random Telegraph Noise in CMOS Devices
  • An Overview on Statistical Modeling of Random Telegraph Noise in the Frequency Domain
  • Defect-Based Compact Modeling of Random Telegraph Noise
  • Oxide Trap-Induced RTS in MOSFETs
  • Atomistic Modeling of Oxide Defects
  • The Langevin–Boltzmann Equation for Noise Calculation
  • Benchmark Tests for MOSFET Thermal Noise Models