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Simulation of Semiconductor Devices and Processes. Volume 5


  • Editor: Selberherr, Siegfried; Stippel, Hannes; Strasser, Ernst
  • Published: 1993, 504 pages, 530 figures
  • ISBN: 978-3-7091-7372-5
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  • Abstract:
    The SISDEP 93 conference proceedings present outstanding research and development results in the area of numerical process and device simulation. The miniaturization of today's semiconductor devices, the usage of new materials and advanced process steps in the development of new semiconductor technologies suggests the design of new computer programs. This trend towards more complex structures and increasingly sophisticated processes demands advanced simulators, such as fully three-dimensional tools for almost arbitrarily complicated geometries. With the increasing need for better models and improved understanding of physical effects, these proceedings support the simulation community and the process- and device engineers who need reliable numerical simulation tools for characterization, prediction and development. This book covers the following topics: process simulation and equipment modeling, device modeling and simulation of complex structures, device simulation and parameter extraction for circuit models, integration of process, device and circuit simulation, practical applications of simulation, algorithms and software.