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-===== ViennaWD: ​User Interface ​Post-Processing ​=====+===== ViennaWD: ​Extend ​Optimize ​=====
 === Description === === Description ===
 +{{ :​viennawd.png?​nolink&​400|}}
 +A C-based simulation tool, shipped with [[http://​​|ViennaWD]] should be optimized and extended in several ways. For instance, the current [[http://​​|Lua]]-based simulator control shall be extended to allow for a more fine-grained control of the simulator. Also, the available post-processing facilities (i.e., Python-based scripts to merge simulation results) shall be improved to automize visualizing the simulation results. A third task would be to implement a mechanism to import external potential profiles.
 === Benefit for the Student === === Benefit for the Student ===
 +The student will improve his/her skills in user-oriented C programming,​ as well as script-based application control and visualization capabilities.
 === Benefit for the Project === === Benefit for the Project ===
 +ViennaWD will improve its usability and thus becomes more attractive to end-users.
 === Requirements === === Requirements ===
 +Solid background in GNU/Linux and C is required. Skills in Python is a plus.
 === Mentors === === Mentors ===
 Josef Weinbub, Paul Ellinghaus Josef Weinbub, Paul Ellinghaus
 +=== Puzzles ===
 +Please solve the [[C Puzzles]] and attach your solutions to your application. **Keep in mind that you will have to explain your solutions in person to the mentors to get accepted as a IuE SoC'15 intern.**
 +=== Milestones ===
 +== Milestone 1 ==
 +  * Unordered List ItemExtend Lua-supported parameter set + Documentation
 +  * Unordered List ItemUnified Debugging/​Error Output
 +== Milestone 2 ==
 +  * Unordered List ItemHomogenize and parameterize all exisiting plotting scripts for gnuplot/​paraview + Documentation
 +== Milestone 3 ==
 +  * create post-processing application which processes simulation meta data written by the simulator to generate results + Documentation
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