TU Wien Hannspeter-Winter Prize 2022

Theresia Knobloch received the Hannspeter-Winter Prize

© Klaus Ranger

Our colleague, Theresia Knobloch was awarded the Hannspeter-Winter Prize. This research prize is awarded once a year to a graduate of the doctoral program at TU Wien, for a dissertation with innovation character and outstanding scientific quality and output. The prize was endowed in memory of TU Professor Hannspeter Winter, who was always committed to promoting young female scientists.

In her dissertation "On the Electrical Stability of 2D Material-Based Field-Effect Transistors" Theresia investigates the prospects offered by two-dimensional materials for building ultra-scaled performant and reliable field-effect transistors. While 2D materials can maintain sizable mobilities in atomically thin layers, the performance and electrical stability of devices is inherently linked to the identification of a suitable gate insulator. In her thesis, Theresia explores the impact of defects on the device characteristics and reliability by combining experimental characterization with modeling, and focuses on important aspects such as the reduction of charge trapping or the gate leakage currents.

We congratulate Theresia for this outstanding achievement!