Best Lecture Award 2023 for "Applied Programming with C++"

Our C++ lecture won in the category "Best Lecture" at this year’s Best Teaching Awards

Our colleagues Johannes, Markus, Xaver and Paul developed an entirely new free elective course named "Applied Programming with C++" (course ID 360.253) last year. The team applied modern teaching techniques and tools in their lecture, and attracted about 120 students in the summer term of 2023. Brief description of the course mode:

  • Weekly online lectures (with a recording available afterwards)
  • Weekly homework assignments (git-based handouts/handins)
  • Platform/toolchain support via a self-hosted online IDE and a self-hosted git server
  • Communication via a TU-Chat channel
  • Final project assignments (in teams)
  • Presentation of all final projects in a live online meeting with all students

The course had tremendous success and won in the "Best Lecture" category at this year’s Best Teaching Awards on June 27.

We congratulate the team and also thank all students for actively participating in the course and for nominating the course for this prestigious award.

Feel free to reach the team at in case of any questions regarding C++ lecturing and opportunities for tutoring or project work at the Institute for Microelectronics.

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