Successful Dissertation Defense

Congratulations to Johannes for successfully defending his dissertation

On May 21st Johannes Ender successfully defended his dissertation. Johanne's work was performed in the framework of the Christian Doppler Laboratory for Nonvolatile Magnetoresistive Memory and Logic (NovoMemLog) project which is jointly funded by the Christian Doppler Research Association and by our partner Silvaco.

Special thanks go to the dissertation committee:

Committee Chair:

  • Univ.Prof.Dr. Christoph Mecklenbräuker (TU Wien, Austria)

Supervisor and Examiner:

  • Privatdoz. Viktor Sverdlov MSc PhD (TU Wien, Austria) 


  • Prof. Vihar Georgiev (University of Glasgow, Scotland)  
  • Univ.-Prof.Dr. Dieter Süss (TU Wien, Austria)