FFG Project Funded

New cooperation with TTTech Computertechnik AG will start on October 1th 2018

To bring innovative concepts and technologies on board of the next generations of aircraft, supporting the significant increase of sensors/actuators and following the fast trend of digitization, INNAS (Innovative Networks for Networked Aircraft Subsystems) intends to enhance the communication of aircraft electronics using specially tailored backbone network architecture and components. The project will investigate and develop novel architectural backbone concepts and implementations including a new generation of modular, configurable and scalable network switches. The approach will enable designers and network architects to use different traffic classes via one and the same physical network even at different data rates, and thus supports the trend of taking the “More Electric Aircraft” (MEA) to the next level of the “Digitized, Connected Aircraft” at significantly lower cost and at the same time reduced complexity at improved reliability.

This project is financially supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG).