TU Wien Ressel Prize 2021

Our colleague, Markus Jech was awarded the Ressel Prize

Markus Jech was awarded the Ressel Prize by the Rector of the TU Wien. This prize honors research achievements in the context of dissertation projects which are directly related to interdisciplinary third-party funded research and were carried out in cooperative projects with industry.

In his dissertation “The Physics of Non-Equilibrium Reliability Phenomena” Markus investigates the interaction of a non-equilibrium charge carrier ensemble with defects and precursors in semiconductor devices. His work presents a completely bottom-up approach, ranging from atomistic details to a quantum mechanical model formulation up to device simulations to bridge the gap between microscopic processes and the macroscopic characteristics of device degradation. Ultimately, the established framework enables predictive modeling of device degradation in full bias space.

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Congratulations,  Markus!