Dmitry Kryzhanovsky
Tel.Nr.: +43 1 58801-360

Worked for the IµE from 16-08-2009 to 15-02-2010.

Biography (as of 15-02-2010):
Dmitry Kryzhanovsky was born in Volgograd on 1981. He received his MS degree in Technology (specialization Computer Science) in 2004 and his PhD degree in Computer Science in 2008 in Volgograd State Technical University. His PhD thesis was devoted to processing experimental data arrays and extracting structure and parameters of non-linear mathematical models describing the dependencies existing amidst numeric variables in the mentioned data arrays. His scientific interests include algorithms, artificial intelligence, robotics, computer modelling (especially simulation and stochastic) of physical and technical processes and phenomena, high-performance computations (HPC), Data Mining and the concepts of IT group and project management.