Software Information

A three-dimensional Delaunay mesh generator


deLink is a three-dimensional Conforming Delaunay mesh generator. The input is a structure boundary description which must be closed under intersection: All intersections between input points, edges, and polygons must be contained in the input. For example two polygons may not overlap and they may only touch each other along shared points and edges. The polygons can be non-convex. Edges which share more than two polygons are allowed. Optionally, the input may contain a set of points which do not belong to the boundary description. These points can have any location, outside, inside, or on the surface of the structure. In automatic mode deLink itself generates points which cover the domain. The output is a Delaunay mesh of the structure with additional points on the surface (conforming) and in the interior. The input and output data can be supplied via file for the deLink standalone program, or via a functional interface (API) when deLink is used as a library. The package further contains a larger number of examples and two additional tools. MOV is a file manipulation and format conversion tool. It can be used to scale, translate, clip, or merge structures. It supports several formats.

New Features in this Release

  • fast gift wrapping algorithm with fast octree point location
  • the mesh is generated for the given domain, not even temporarily for the entire convex hull
  • general multiple connected geometries or piecewise linear complexes
  • non-manifold geometries (edges which share more than two facets)
  • surfaces do not have to form closed volumes (useful for structures from surface etch simulators)
  • support for material information (numerical id) and consistent interfaces
  • support for surface boundary conditions using optional facemarkers
  • mesh points are allowed as input and can have any location
  • a priori surface Delaunization and conforming Delaunay Triangulation
  • robust under finite precision arithmetic
  • handles all degenerate Delaunay cases: cospherical points, cocircular points (two neighboring cospherical point sets)
  • handles Schoenhardt prism and untetrahedralizable polyhedra
  • utilizes surface edge flips
  • offers the choice of two surface triangle criteria: Delaunay and equatorial sphere
  • enhanced refinement techniques of the surface triangles
  • allows online visualization of the meshing process for debugging purposes
  • automatically repair and patch small holes in the surface description

How to obtain this Software

This software can be obtained via our Download Portal.