Software Information

A two- and three-dimensional MOS simulator


MINIMOS is a software tool for the numerical simulation of field-effect transistors such as silicon bulk and SOI MOSFETs, and gallium arsenide MESFETs. The fundamental semiconductor equations, consisting of Poisson's equation and two carrier continuity equations, are solved numerically in two- and three-dimensional domains. Finite differences are employed for space discretization, and the Backward Euler method for time discretization. MINIMOS generates an adaptive grid and has an automatic time step control.

New Features in this Release

Features of MINIMOS 6 include transient analysis, dynamic trap-rate equations for both interface and bulk traps, a band-to-band tunneling model, and a self-consistent Monte Carlo module which replaces the drift-diffusion model in critical device areas.

How to obtain this Software

This software can be obtained via our Download Portal.