"Electromigration-induced void evolution and failure of Cu/SiCN hybrid bonds" Paper

Journal of Applied Physics paper highlighted by Editors

We are proud to announce that a recently published paper in the 133rd volume of the Journal of Applied Physics, titled "Electromigration-induced void evolution and failure of Cu/SiCN hybrid bonds" has been selected as an Editor's Pick. In the paper, a novel modeling approach for analysis of electromigration-induced void dynamics in Cu/SiCN wafer-to-wafer hybrid bonds is presented.  Since most three-dimensional system-on-chip integration technology schemes require a wafer-to-wafer bonding approach, our method is expected to contribute to the reliability of three-dimensional integrated circuits.

This work has been performed in cooperation with imec, Belgium, and contributions from our colleagues Hajdin, Roberto, and Siegfried.

Congratulations to all co-authors!