Successful Dissertation Defense

Congratulations to Markus for successfully defending his dissertation

On April 5th our colleague Markus Kampl successfully defended his dissertation. Markus' has decided to remain at the Institute for Microelectronics as a post-doctoral researcher and his  work will focus on developing measurement tools and characterization of single defects in large-area transistors within the  Christian Doppler Laboratory for Single-Defect Spectroscopy in Semiconductor Devices. We congratulate Markus and we are happy that he decided to stay with the team!

Special thanks go to the dissertation committee:

Committee Chair: Prof. Dr. Erich Gornik, TU Wien, Austria

Supervisor and Examiner: Ao. Prof. Dr.  Hans Kosina, TU Wien, Austria

Assessors and Examiners: Ao. Prof. Dr. Gerhard Hobler, TU Wien, Austria and  Prof. Antonio Garcia Loureiro, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain