Software Information

A two-dimensional process simulator


PROMIS (PROcess Modeling In Semiconductors) is a two-dimensional simulation program for ion implantation and diffusion processes. Built-in models exist for coupled point defect-dopant diffusion and various high-concentration effects.

New Features in this Release

  • PROMIS has a user interface which allows easy implementation of a large class of elliptic and parabolic systems of nonlinear, coupled partial differential equations (PDEs) with fairly general boundary conditions. Therefore, PROMIS is also well suited as a tool for the development and prototyping of new physical models.
  • The PDE solver employs finite differences for space discretization and the Backward Euler method for time discretization. PROMIS generates an adaptive grid and has an automatic time step control.
  • Ion implantation in PROMIS can be treated both by an analytical model taking into account depth dependent lateral moments, and by a Monte Carlo model allowing the simulation of ion implantation in fairly arbitrary structures such as trenches and multi-layer structures.

How to obtain this Software

This software can be obtained via our Download Portal.