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Publications in Scientific Journals

3.  A. Abramo, L. Baudry, R. Brunetti, R. Castagne, M. Charef, F. Dessene, P. Dollfus, W.L. Engl, R. Fauquembergue, C. Fiegna, M.V. Fischetti, S. Galdin, N. Goldsman, M. Hackel, C. Hamaguchi, K. Hess, K. Hennacy, P. Hesto, J.M. Higman, T. Izuka, C. Jungemann, Y. Kamakura, H. Kosina, T. Kunikiyo, S.E. Laux, H. Lin, C. Maziar, H. Mizuno, H.J. Peifer, S. Ramaswamy, N. Sano, P.G. Scrobohaci, S. Selberherr, M. Takenaka, T.-W. Tang, K. Taniguchi, J.L. Thobel, R. Thoma, K. Tomizawa, M. Tomizawa, T. Vogelsang, S.-L. Wang, X. Wang, C.-S. Yao, P.D. Yoder, A. Yoshii:
"A Comparison of Numerical Solutions of the Boltzmann Transport Equation for High-Energy Electron Transport Silicon";
IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 41 (1994), 9; 1646 - 1654.

2.  M. Hackel, M. Faber, H. Markum, M. Müller:
"Chiral Interface for QCD with Dynamical Quarks";
International Journal of Modern Physics C, 3 (1992), 5; 961 - 970.

1.  M. Hackel, M. Faber, H. Markum:
"Interface Tension and Chiral Order Parameter Profile with Dynamical Quarks";
Physical Review D, 46 (1992), 12; 5648 - 5654.

Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry)

4.  M. Hackel, H. Kosina, S. Selberherr:
"Electron Transport in Silicon Dioxide at Intermediate and High Electric Fields";
Talk: International Conference on the Simulation of Semiconductor Devices and Processes (SISDEP), Wien; 1993-09-07 - 1993-09-09; in: "Proceedings SISDEP 93 Conference", (1993), ISBN: 3-211-82504-5; 65 - 68.

3.  M. Hackel, H. Kosina, S. Selberherr:
"Steady-State Electron Transport in Silicon Dioxide Employing Different Electronic Band-Structures";
Talk: International Workshop on Computational Electronics (IWCE), Leeds, UK; 1993-08-11 - 1993-08-13; in: "Proceedings of the International Workshop on Computational Electronics (IWCE)", (1993), 186 - 190.

2.  W. Bürger, M. Faber, M. Hackel, H. Markum, M. Müller:
"Inhomogeneous Universes from Lattice QCD with Dynamical Quarks";
Talk: International Symposium on Nuclear Astrophysics, Karlsruhe; 1992-07-06 - 1992-07-10; in: "Proceedings of the International Symposium on Nuclear Astrophysics", (1992), 441 - 446.

1.  W. Bürger, M. Faber, M. Hackel, H. Markum, M. Müller:
"Surface Energy and Chiral Interface of a Coexisting Quark-Hadron System";
Talk: Particle Production in Highly Exited Matter Conference, Il Ciocco; 1992-07-12 - 1992-07-24; in: "Proceedings of Particle Production in Highly Exited Matter Conference", (1992), 239 - 241.

Doctor's Theses (authored and supervised)

1.  M. Hackel:
"Transport und Injektion von Ladungsträgern in MOS-Strukturen mit der Monte-Carlo Methode";
Supervisor, Reviewer: S. Selberherr, E. Gornik; Institut für Mikroelektronik, 1995; oral examination: 1995-10-10.