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General Nano-Electromagnetic Quantum Phase Space Model

Project Number P33609-N   
Principal Investigator Josef Weinbub
Scientists/Scholars Mauro Ballicchia
Clemens Etl
Luiz Felipe Aguinsky
Francio Rodrigues
Scientific Fields Nanotechnologie 25%
Physik, Astronomie 25%
Informatik 25%
Mathematik 25%
Keywords Nano-electromagnetism, Wigner equation, Weyl-Stratonovich transform, Gauge invariance, Quantum non-locality
Approval Date 8. March 2020
Start of Project 30. April 2020
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Modern manufacturing technologies are able to fabricate structures with varying electromagnetic properties on the nanoscale. Due to manifesting quantum effects the current transport within these structures is significantly different to what we are used to in the macroscopic world. Existing approaches to simulate quantum transport effects fail to capture most interesting yet intricate special cases, such as high frequency scenarios: A new approach based on the Wigner formalism is needed.

Wigner mechanics is usually formulated for electrostatic conditions. The formalism bearing many classical concepts was used to develop the Wigner signed particle model, providing a computationally efficient heuristic description of quantum phenomena. In contrast, the developed electromagnetic Wigner theories do not favor numerical implementation. We will thus develop a Wigner based electromagnetic model involving the numerical Monte Carlo theory, integrate it into our open source simulator ViennaWD, and use it to simulate and analyze current transport under general, spatio-temporal electromagnetic conditions. Our envisioned model is based on our recently derived and numerically favorable Wigner current transport equation for general electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic nanostructures, such as magnetic quantum wires, quantum Hall systems, and Aharonov-Bohm rings, will be investigated.

The envisioned general electromagnetic signed particle model will provide a novel and unique way for exploring general spatio-temporal electromagnetic processes in open nano-electromagnetic systems. Fundamental questions about the primary role of forces or potentials will be addressed.