SIMON 2.0 — A commercially supported single electron device and circuit simulator


SIMON is a Monte Carlo simulator for single-electron circuits and devices with which it is possible to answer a wide variety of important design questions. A graphical user interface and graphical circuit editor allow easy and error free usage. Different circuit elements like tunnel junctions, capacitors, voltage sources, and measuring devices for current, voltage, and charge, can be arbitrarily connected by simple mouse clicks.

New Features

  • Stability plot
  • Normal resistors
  • Current sources
  • Energy dependent density of states
  • Support for superconducting tunnel junctions
  • Linux version without need for 3rd party tools
  • Interactive single-step mode

Basic Features

  • Graphical user interface
  • Graphical circuit editor
  • Circuit elements: Tunnel junctions, capacitors
  • Voltage sources: constant, piece-wise linearly time-dependent, voltage controlled
  • Three measuring devices: Current, voltage, charge
  • Co-tunneling
  • Steady state and transient simulation modes

How to obtain this Software

Version 2.0 of Simon is commercially supported. For specific questions regarding commercial support for Simon please refer to



SIMON 1.1 — A single electron device and circuit simulator


SIMON 1.1 has been released in 09/1996. It offers the above listed Basic Features only. This version is no longer supported, but still available for download.

How to Obtain this Software

The version 1.1 of Simon can be obtained via our Download Portal.