Predrag Habas
Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Tel.Nr.: +43 1 58801-360


Worked for the IµE from 31-03-1989 to 30-03-1994.

Biography (as of 30-03-1994):
Predrag Habas was born in Vrbas, Yugoslavia in 1962. He received the Diplomingenieur degree from the Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad in electrical engineering in 1985 and the Mr degree from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Beograd in physical electronics in 1989. From 1985 he worked at the Institute for Power and Electronics University of Novi Sad as Research Assistant and Instructor, where he became a full Assistant in 1989. In April 1989 he joined the Institute for Microelectronics. He held a Visiting Research Position at the Advanced Semiconductor Development Department at Digital Equipment Corporation, Hudson, MA in 1990. His research area includes physical electronics in general, and physics of small MIS-devices and analytical and numerical modeling of MOSFET's in particular.