Wolfgang Pyka
Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.
Tel.Nr.: +43 1 58801-360


Worked for the IµE from 30-11-1996 to 30-03-2001.

Biography (as of 30-03-2001):
Wolfgang Pyka was born in Innsbruck, Austria, in 1970. He studied materials science at the Montanuniversität Leoben, where he received the degree of Diplomingenieur in 1996. In December 1996 he joined the Institute for Microelectronics, where he received his doctoral degree in May 2000. In summer 1998 and 1999 he held visiting research positions at LSI Logic, Milpitas, CA. His work is focused on simulation and modeling of etching and deposition processes and on algorithms for topographic simulations and three-dimensional geometry generation.