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A framework for hull mesh adaption, volume mesh generation and qualification


To provide applications with the utmost flexibility in the generation and adaptation of meshes, the generic and high-quality meshing library, ViennaMesh, has been developed. ViennaMesh provides a unified interface for various mesh related tools. These tools cover mesh generation, adaptation, and classification of multi-segmented (aka. multi-material) meshes and geometries for unstructured two- and three-dimensional meshes. The goal is to provide applications with an additional back-end layer for mesh generation, allowing to seamlessly exchange mesh tools, for example, mesh generation kernels.

Currently the following mesh generation kernels are available: Triangle (2D), Tetgen (3D), Netgen (3D). Several tools are available to further improve the quality of the generated meshes. Most notable is a hull adaptation module which significantly improves the quality of a hull mesh and therefore improves the quality of the subsequent volume meshing step too.

New Features in this Release

  • A generic library providing unified access to mesh generation, adaptation, and classification tools for multi-segment meshing in two and three dimensions by Triangle, Tetgen, and Netgen
  • A hull mesh adaption tool for high-quality mesh adaptation
  • A mesh classification tool for evaluating the quality
  • A prototype mesh orientation tool for repairing the orientation or hull mesh elements
  • LGPL open source license

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