Software Information


A modular semiconductor device simulator


ViennaMOS is a modular GUI-based framework for high-performance semiconductor device and process simulations. In essence, ViennaMOS is a collection of plugins wrapping available simulation tools, thus providing a basic set of modules which can be used to build simulation flows. ViennaMOS is currently in a prototypical state and thus experiences continues development.

ViennaMOS represents our approach for current and future semiconductor device and process simulation software, consisting solely of a reusable set of decoupled and free open source components.

List of Features

  • C++ Implementation
  • Graphical user interface (based on Qt4)
  • Modular multiview environment
  • 3D Rendering (based on VTK)
  • 2D Plots (based on VTK)
  • Classic device simulation module: ViennaMini

Open Source Project Page

More information can be found at