Software Information

A multi-purpose Schrödinger-Poisson solver for TCAD


VSP (Vienna Schrödinger Poisson solver) is a software tool for investigations of novel gate stacks with emphasis on reliability. Numerous technological innovations, including material and process changes such as high-k gate dielectrics and metal gate electrodes, can be analyzed to meet the upcoming scaling requirements while keeping the gate leakage current within tolerable limits.

New Features in this Release

  • VSP is written in C++ using state-of-the-art software design techniques. Critical numerical calculations are performed with the table and powerful numerical libraries Blas, Lapack, and Arpack.
  • VSP has an open software application interface (API) for the integration within third party simulation environments.
  • Tasks like parameter identification and model calibration, e.g for CV curves and gate stack optimization, can be performed.

How to obtain this Software

This software can be obtained via our Download Portal.