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A multi-dimensional deterministic Boltzmann equation solver


ViennaSHE is a free open-source implementation of the SHE method for the simulation of semiconductor devices. It can be used either as a standalone simulator, which is controlled by a configuration provided by a XML file, or as a simulator library, which enables the full flexibility with respect to pre- and post-processing. In the current first release, the calculation of the distribution function of electrons in relaxed silicon neglecting the Pauli principle is provided.


List of Features

  • [NEW] Bipolar solution for electrons and holes including traps
  • [NEW] Impact ionization scattering, electron-electron-scattering
  • [NEW] Fullband dispersion relation (aka. extended Vecchi model)
  • Self-consistent deterministic solver for the Boltzmann transport equation
  • Acoustic and optical phonon scattering, ionized impurity scattering
  • Parabolic and non-parabolic dispersion relations
  • Drift-Diffusion solver provides initial guess for self-consistent SHE simulations
  • Support for lines, triangular, quadrilateral, tetrahedral and hexahedral meshes via ViennaGrid
  • Parallel linear solver (including GPU acceleration) using ViennaCL
  • Both standalone executable (XML file controlled) and use as simulator library (header-only)
  • Adaptive variable-order expansions
  • Mesh import from Netgen and VTK, export to VTK
  • Multi-Platform support
  • Permissive MIT/X11 license

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