High Performance Computing

Ongoing research at the Institute for Microelectronics investigates novel simulation approaches with highly parallel numerical efficiency in mind. This involves the design of semiconductor device and process simulations that can be run on highly parallel workstations, potentially equipped with accelerators and co-processors as well as with thousands of processes, possibly with hundreds of threads each, on supercomputers like the Vienna Scientific Cluster. Where formerly sequential algorithms prevailed, our research results in new parallel variants which significantly outperform their sequential counterparts.


Karl Rupp
GPU Computing, Supercomputing

Josef Weinbub
High Performance Simulation in Micro- and Nanoelectronics


Key Publications

Review on Computational Methods in Quantum Electronics

Review on Sparse Solvers for Exascale Computing
with University of Tennessee and US National Laboratories Argonne, Lawrence Berkeley/Livermore, and Sandia

Shared-Memory Process TCAD
with Silvaco

ViennaCL: Parallelized Linear Algebra Routines
with Harvard and ASC/TUW