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Publications in Scientific Journals

9.  N. Gupta, A. Shah, S. Khan, S. Vishvakarma, M. Waltl, P. Girard:
"Error-Tolerant Reconfigurable VDD 10T SRAM Architecture for IoT Applications";
Electronics, 10 (2021), 14; 1718-1 - 1718-16.

8.  A. Shah, N. Gupta, M. Waltl:
"High-Performance Radiation Hardened NMOS Only Schmitt Trigger Based Latch Designs";
Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, 109 (2021), 657 - 671.

7.  A. Shah, M. Waltl:
"Impact of Negative Bias Temperature Instability on Single Event Transients in Scaled Logic Circuits";
International Journal Of Numerical Modelling-Electronic Networks Devices And Fields, 34 (2021), 3; e2854-1 - e2854-13.

6.  G. Raut, A. Shah, V. Sharma, G. Rajput, S. Vishvakarma:
"A 2.4-GS/s Power-Efficient, High-Resolution Reconfigurable Dynamic Comparator for ADC Architecture";
Circuits Systems and Signal Processing, 39 (2020), 4681 - 4694.

5.  S. Khan, A. Shah, S. Chouhan, N. Gupta, J. Pandey, S. Vishvakarma:
"A Symmetric D Flip-Flop Based PUF with Improved Uniqueness";
Microelectronics Reliability, 106 (2020), 113595.

4.  A. Shah, M. Waltl:
"Bias Temperature Instability Aware and Soft Error Tolerant Radiation Hardened 10T SRAM";
Electronics, 9 (2020), 2; 256-1 - 256-12.

3.  A. Shah, D. Rossi, V. Sharma, S. Vishvakarma, M. Waltl:
"Soft Error Hardening Enhancement Analysis of NBTI Tolerant Schmitt Trigger Circuit";
Microelectronics Reliability, 107 (2020), 113617.

2.  P. Sanvale, N. Gupta, V. Neema, A. Shah, S. Vishvakarma:
"An Improved Read-Assist Energy Efficient Single Ended P-P-N Based 10T SRAM Cell for Wireless Sensor Networ";
Microelectronics Journal, 92 (2019), 104611.

1.  S. Khan, A. Shah, N. Gupta, S. Chouhan, J. Pandey, S. Vishvakarma:
"An Ultra-Low Power, Reconfigurable, Aging Resilient RO PUF for IoT Applications";
Microelectronics Journal, 92 (2019), 104605.

Contributions to Books

1.  A. Shah, A. Moshrefi, M. Waltl:
"Utilizing NBTI for Operation Detection of Integrated Circuits";
in: "VLSI Design and Test, Communications in Computer and Information Science", 1066; A. Sengupta, S. Dasgupta, V. Singh, R. Sharma, S. Vishvakarma (ed.); Springer Singapore, 2019, ISBN: 978-981-32-9767-8, 190 - 201.

Talks and Poster Presentations (with Proceedings-Entry)

4.  S. Naz, A. Shah, S. Ahmed, G. Patrick, M. Waltl:
"Design of Fault-Tolerant and Thermally Stable XOR Gate in Quantum dot Cellular Automata";
Poster: IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS), Bruges, Belgium (Virtual); 2021-05-24 - 2021-05-28; in: "Proceedings of the IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS)", (2021).

3.  A. Shah, M. Waltl:
"Low Cost and High Performance Radiation Hardened Latch Design for Reliable Circuits";
Talk: IEEE International Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems (ICECS), Genova, Italy; 2019-11-27 - 2019-11-29; in: "Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Electronics Circuits and Systems (ICECS)", (2019), 197 - 200.

2.  G. Menghwar, A. Shah, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"Cooperative Space-Time Codes with Opportunistic Network Coding with Increasing Numbers of Nodes";
Poster: International Symposium on Wireless Communications (ISWCS), Siena, Italy; 2009-09-07 - 2009-09-10; in: "Proceedings of ISWCS 2009", (2009), 536 - 539.

1.  G. Menghwar, B. Krasniqi, A. Shah, C. Mecklenbräuker:
"Cooperative  Space-Time Codes with Opportunistic Network Coding";
Poster: IEEE Sarnoff Symposium, Princeton, New Jersey, USA; 2009-03-30 - 2009-04-01; in: " Proc. IEEE Sarnoff Symposium 2009", IEEE, (2009), ISBN: 978-1-4244-3382-7; 3 pages.

Doctor's Theses (authored and supervised)

1.  A. Shah:
"Performance Modeling and Congestion Control Through Descrete-Time Queueing";
Supervisor, Reviewer: H.R. van As, K. Grill; E388, 2010; oral examination: 2010-04-07.