Registration Information

How to register

  1. Carefully fill out the electronic registration form. Most of the fields are mandatory. If these fields are missing or contain wrong information, the form will not be accepted. The email address will be used to send you a notification about the acceptance of your registration and is therefore your primary link to the Institute for microelectronics.
  2. Choose a suitable way to pay the registration fee. Currently we suggest you to send a fax ( the institutes fax number is +43-1-58801-36099 ) indicating
    - your credit card type (Visa or Master Card)
    - the card holder
    - the card number
    - and the expiration date.
  3. Also, you can send us your credit card information via Internet through an encrypted form (SSL). Therefore the personal information has to be identically with the card holder. Otherwise please send a fax.
  4. After the registration, you can login with your chosen username and password. Then there is a new menu entry on the right side, labeled "Pay registration fee".
  5. As soon as the payment of the registration fee is accomplished we will enable your software account and send you a notification via email.
  6. From now on you can access our software download area at any time. The loginname and password chosen in step 1 will be used to identify and legitimate your account.